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I opened a rec community - fight the future [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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I opened a rec community [Mar. 10th, 2011|06:57 pm]
x-files slash


I opened a rec community mainly to post my recs


The X-files recs/fic-finding community is open to all X-files related searches.
--het, slash, and gen are all fine.-- Meta, kink mems and comment challenges are also allowed.

Welcome to X-Files recs,

As I said this community is open to..

*art searches
*drabbles searches
*pod-fic searches
*fics searches
*General recs searches like (please rec me some h/c fics)are also fine.
*or post your recs


The rules are simple

No wank
No abusive language
No spam

This comm is open to all..just be polite and remember to use your tags.