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Fic Search.... [Feb. 10th, 2013|06:15 pm]
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I know this is a long shot but does anyone have the link to this multi chapter unfinished story?
Yea, I forgot what the title was also ^^

It is about the X files finding out that there are other life forms and that they finally believe what Mulder was telling all this time. There's like a virus or something going around that has males being able to be come pregnant, have powers, become Neanderthals, Clairvoyance, and some others. The female population dwindling due to this virus.

Skinner becomes like the King of the earth and is in a relationship with Mulder as well as Krycek later ons. Lot's of people; Russian man Nikoli (I think), Seraphim King, Neanderthal Henderson and others getting it on with Mulder and Mulder having a few or so kids.

[edit] Found. It was Life from the Ashes series.